Geoffrey M. Dominy

Geoffrey M. Dominy

Author & Gemmological Consultant

The Handbook of Gemmology - 3rd Edition
Handbook of Gemmology

The 3rd edition of 'The Handbook of Gemmology' is now available as individual digital downloads for $ 39.95 US each (in .exe for Windows, .app for Mac, ePUB/pdf for iPhones and iPads and a pdf format for androids and most e-readers) or you can purchase all of the above in our 'Deluxe' Edition download for an additional $ 10.00 ($ 49.95 US). The 'Deluxe' edition is also available on a data DVD at $ 49.95 US plus shipping.

Covering all aspects of the science of gemmology and gem identification this innovative and interactive e-book features the photography of internationally renowned gemstone/mineral photographers Tino Hammid & Jeff Scovil and is a must buy for any gemmologist, student or jeweller who demands the latest technology and the most up-to-date information.

Features include: State of the art 'Flipping Book' technology (Windows/Mac Versions), Powerful Search Engine, Post-its, Bookmarks, Highlighting, Hyperlinked Table of Contents, Index & Cross-References, Zoom in/Zoom out and Thumbnail Images.

Consisting of 1056 pages and over 1000 colour photographs, diagrams, charts and illustrations, it is the most up-to-date and innovative gemmological text available today.

New features in the 3rd edition include; updated information on magnetism, gemstone inclusions, physical and optical properties, opal mining, and a brand new section entitled GEMFACTS that consists of 167 new pages covering the fifteen most common gem species and varieties including comprehensive information on physical and optical properties, geology, localities, chemical composition, cause of colour, absorption spectra, pleochroism, common inclusions, mining, cutting, gem identification, methods of synthesis, treatments and enhancements, and how to care for them.

Photographically speaking, there are now over 1000 photographs, diagrams and illustrations featuring the photography of Tino Hammid along with new photographic contributions from renowned mineral and gem photographer Jeff Scovil, stunning inclusion photography from Danny J. Sanchez and Robert Smith who painstakingly photographs opals under different lighting conditions to produce the most unique and wonderful videos.

The book is now divided into four sections, ‘Gemmology’, ‘Reflections', ‘Gem Identification’, and 'GEMFACTS'.

The first section covers the science of gemmology, including the chemical nature of gemstones, their physical and optical properties, basic crystallography, the absorption of light, the spectroscope, polarized light, the polariscope, pleochroism, the dichroscope, colour filters, specific gravity, luminescence, magnification, thermal conductivity, imitation, assembled and lab-created gemstones, enhancements, mining, gem cutting, coloured gemstone and diamond grading.

The centre section includes 42 pages of colour plates by internationally renowned mineral and gemstone photographer Jeff Scovil.

The third section covers gem identification and includes twelve chapters covering the identification of gemstones based on their colour and transparency plus natural, cultured and imitation pearls, and advanced gem testing techniques.

The fourth section covers the fifteen most common gem species and varieties mentioned above.

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