Geoffrey M. Dominy

Spanish Gold


Eight Note

Verse One

They set sail across the ocean,
To a land they did not understand,
Spreading fear through their devotion,
Mayan gold on bloodied hands

Verse Two

They journeyed far for fame and fortune,
Destroying temples made from stone,
Built with hands that now lay broken,
Demi Gods on demi thrones

Verse Three

Conquistadors on foreign soil,
Searching for the Promised Land,
Inca gold and New World treasures,
Emeralds on bloodied hands

Verse Four

Reaching out for power and glory,
On the orders of the Kings of Spain,
In history they wrote their story,
Of Spanish gold and blood-stained hands.

Words & Music - Geoff Dominy

About the Song

The musical composition of this song does not follow the 'usual formula'; namely verses/chorus. This is because it is about the Spanish conquest of the Americas and I felt it needed to follow a more traditional musical pattern. The 'Lawrence of Arabia/Bolero' outro is again symbolic of the Moors invading Spain and the subsequent Spanish reconquest of their land.