Geoffrey M. Dominy

Tears of Sorrow


Eight Note

Verse One

Sometimes when your heart is breaking,
Your body’s numb and your legs are shaking,
And you just don’t have the strength to carry on.
Sometimes in our frail existence,
The heart is weak and often distant,
Like a star that burned so bright but now is gone.

Verse Two

But somehow we have lost that feeling,
Somehow we have stopped believing,
Two lost souls who simply lost their way.
It’s only when your drowning slowly,
You feel so desperate and lonely,
You realise you will sink if you don’t swim.


And I know I’ll be leaving tears of sorrow on your pillow,
And I know by tomorrow those tears of sorrow will be gone.


What happens when your heart,
Slowly falls apart,
And the sounds of silence whisper in your ear.
And you wake up in the darkness,
Afraid to see the light,
The paradise you found has now been lost.

Words & Music - Geoff Dominy

About the Song

A song about the often transient nature and fragility of love. Love is something we often take for granted and instead of nuturing it, we seek to destroy it. True love is an elusive entity that sadly many people fail to find in their lifetime. The problem is we often don't realise this until it is too late. I wanted to create a Jeff Buckley 'Hallelujah' gospel feel to the song. If we go ahead and record this for the next album, I would love to get the Lena Neogard Thomander and the rest of the ladies from the Palma Music Choir involved. They did such an outstanding job on the song No i Punt, singing for the first time in Catalan! Surely they can do gospel!