Geoffrey M. Dominy

We Are The People


Eight Note

Verse One

There’s a new generation,
With the same old frustrations,
Where the high cost of living is the high price they must pay.
We want a new constitution,
Not some fucked up illusion,
Where the souls of tomorrow are the souls of yesterday.


It’s mind over matter,
But does it really matter?
Cos we are the people,
Just like the good Lord said.

Verse Two

We need a new institution,
A social revolution,
Where the poor get richer and rich just fade away.
We don’t want your forgiveness,
We don’t want your excuses,
We don’t want false promises you don’t intend to keep.


It’s mind over matter,
But does it really matter?
Cos we are the people,
Just like the good Lord said.

Narration - Daniel Agyei – People Power (Excerpts)

Now it’s our turn,
It’s time for us to stand up and transform our nation,
Let’s be bold and break the mould,
Of the tradition expected to be respected,
Let us redefine politics,
As the everyday struggle for a free and just society,
Politics is not a profession reserved for privileged elite,
It’s a civic duty for us all,
We are all politicians,
So let’s exercise our collective power to transform our world for the better.

Narration - Geoff Dominy

You know the ‘Leave’ Campaign don’t want another referendum,
They say it would be undemocratic,
How the fuck would that be undemocratic?
It would be undemocratic not to have another vote based on what we now know.
The simple truth is…
They lied to us and now we all have to pay the price.

Narration - Daniel Agyei – People Power (Excerpts)

Demos cratus,
People Power,
This is what democracy means to me.
Why is that you ask?
You see growing up, all I have ever known is austerity and never-ending insecurity.

Verse Three

We don’t want a religion,
That causes division,
Where somehow you think your God is better than mine.
A political solution,
Not hate and persecution,
Where the next generation will not reap what we have sown.


It’s mind over matter,
But does it really matter?
Cos we are the people,
Just like the good Lord said.


To raise concern over the damage Brexit could do to their business.

Narration - Vince Cable - Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party

My message to them, my message to you,
Is that Brexit is not a done deal,
Brexit is not inevitable,
Brexit can be reversed.

Words & Music - Geoff Dominy

About the Song

This protest song is aimed directly at today's politicians. Sadly nothing has changed. They really aren't any different today than they were 50 years ago; saying whatever they think we 'want' to hear to get elected and then doing whatever they like when they are elected. I am not a fan of Donald Trump but one thing I will say about him is that he has been true to his word and if the American people don't like it, they should never have elected him.

I must admit that I am puzzled by the whole 'Brexit' fiasco. I am also not a fan of Theresa May and I often get the impression that she is trying to make the British people suffer for what was a 'bad decision' based on inaccurate and false information. I simply do not understand how you can make such a monumental decision based on a simple majority and why the people cannot change their mind especially in light of the fact that they were lied to? Nigel Farage says it would be undemocratic to have another referendum. Why? If the same number of people still want to leave, then the leavers will win a second referendum. However if the majority now do not want to leave, then surely it is undemocratic not to have another vote. Every four years, voters are given the opportunity to 'change their minds' based on what has happened over the previous four years so why is this any different?

I was born in England but now thankfully have my Spanish residency. The EU is far from perfect but if Britain feels they can survive by trading with the US (especially in light of Donald Trump's nationalistic rhetoric) and China then they are fooling themselves.

Only time will tell how the chips will fall but to me this is one of the worst political decisions that has ever been made. Sadly no other main political party has stepped up to respresent the voters who do not want to leave the EU. This is also strange because with only 27% of the general population voting to leave, it does leave an enormous pool of voters who would clearly embrace a Pro-EU party.