Geoffrey M. Dominy

Where Were You?


Eight Note

Verse One

Where were you in November 1963,
Dallas, Texas, when JFK was blown away,
Where were you in April 1968,
Memphis, Tennessee, where Martin Luther met his fate.

Verse Two

Where were you when the US bombed Vietnam,
Napalm firestorms and devastation all around,
Where were you in February 1965,
A lone assassin put an end to Malcolm X’s life.


I don’t wanna bring you down,
I don’t wanna make you cry,
But these are moments that will live on for eternity.
I don’t wanna make you cry,
I don’t wanna bring you down,
These are moments that have redefined our history.

Verse Three

Where were you August 1977,
When Elvis left this earth for the great gig at the Gates of Heaven,
Where were you, when Chapman pulled out a gun,
Killed a Beatle whose life had only just begun.

Verse Four

Where were you when Ziggy Stardust passed away,
The Man Who Sold the World, will not be coming home today,
Where were you when the world lost Curt Cobain,
No more nirvana just the high price that he paid for fame.

Words & Music - Geoff Dominy

About the Song

Do you remember where you were when a significant event occurred? The death of John Lennon, Elvis Presley, JFK or 9/11? This is a song about the modern historical events that have shaped our lives and the world around us. The 'Outro' is my tribute to may love them or you may hate them but they did produce some great music.